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Middle mouse button not work

How to fix Middle mouse button not working?

The main buttons of our mouse (the left and the right) will stop working. It is something that all of us who have been in this world for years now recognize as true. However, not always the culprit for this failure is due to the button switch having stopped clicking as it should. So, let’s see what we can do when our mouse buttons no longer work as they did in the original way, when we buy it new.

Middle mouse button not working

It is true that, in the vast majority of cases, when the mouse buttons stop working correctly, it is usually due to a hardware problem. And no wonder. The mouse is the peripheral that is most abused by all of us. By having only two main buttons , the number of presses we make to these buttons is considerably higher than we do to other peripherals, such as our keyboard. Probably, it is because of this that mouse manufacturers tend to design them with heavy duty switches inside. At least in the case of gaming mice.

How to fix Software problems with mouse ? When Middle mouse button not working. See Steps

Check Your Mouse Hardware for Problems

Install OEM Mouse Drivers

Update Mouse Driver

Run Hardware Troubleshooter

Run  Window’s Security

Change Registry Settings

You may be wondering how to troubleshoot your mouse as it has been malfunctioning lately. While button issues are usually caused by the hardware of the mice, this is not always the case. These problems can also be due to problems with the software on our own PC. Therefore, the first thing we should try to determine is where the problem comes from .

To do this, the easiest way to check it is using the mouse on another PC. If problems continue to occur on this other PC, it is clear that the mouse is the cause of them. But, if these problems disappear , it is clear that the cause is our own PC. Either because of the software that we have installed on it, or because of a USB port that does not work well.

To determine the cause, it is best to change the USB port to which we connect our mouse. If when testing in the rest of the ports we continue with the same problems. we will already know that it is a failure of the software of our equipment. If, on the other hand, changing the USB port solves the problem. Then we will already know that that port does not perform its function correctly and we will not use it again.

How to fix Hardware problems when Middle mouse button not working

If the mouse is under warranty, it is time to carry out an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), either to the store where you bought it or to the manufacturer itself. Depending on the price of the model we have, it may be worth waiting for the time that passes from when we send the defective component until we have a new or repaired one in our possession.

If the mouse is no longer under warranty, either by the manufacturer or the store, we can choose to buy a new one or try to repair our own. In this last respect, you should know this type of repair is usually quite laborious, and it does not have to give the result that we expect. Especially if what we have broken is the button switch itself .

Solutions to Mouse Button Problems

A solution that we can carry out, if a button on our mouse stops working, is to reassign it to the other button that still works for us. That is, if our left button stops working correctly, we can assign its function to the right mouse button.

To do this, we will enter the “Settings” folder of our Windows. Once there, we will select in the menu on the left, the option «Mouse»

How do I disable the middle mouse button click paste?

Is there a way to disable the middle mouse button paste behavior here by default in gnome?

I have a sensitive mouse wheel and whenever I scroll through texts it sometimes randomly pastes things into the text. I lose a lot of credibility when I send a file to someone else who has random bits of text pasted into it.

I’ve seen a workaround that maps the middle mouse button to a button that doesn’t exist, but that involves completely getting rid of the middle mouse button (i.e. not closing the tab, opening links in a new tab automatically, etc.). I would like to keep the middle mouse button active, just disable the paste behavior.

This also happens when I scroll the text with my touchpad (I accidentally hit two fingers without moving, bam).

So the problem won’t be fixed simply by swapping out for a new mouse. In fact, I think it happens more often with my touchpad than my mouse.

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