Audio renderer error youtube – Easy Fix Methods

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Audio renderer error

YouTube is a great video sharing platform. A lot of music, HD movies and popular news can be found here. You usually get used to watching YouTube videos with your friends. However, one day when you opened a YouTube video and only read the message: Audio renderer error Please restart your computer.

This is annoying, right?

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

Here are some ways how to fix YouTube audio renderer error. If you are unable to watch YouTube videos in browsers, there is a good app available for you to watch YouTube offline.

Audio renderer error

Ways to Fix YouTube Audio Render Error

Some users have reported that the error message is Audio Renderer. 

According to the investigation, this error message will be caused by several factors.

  1. a) Audio driver glitch
  2. b) Conflict between Windows Sound drivers and ASIO driver.

How to fix YouTube audio renderer error?

Following are five ways to fix YouTube audio rendering error; You can check them individually.

Method 1. Check your headphones.

It seems silly, but sometimes the System fails to pinpoint the headphones. Therefore, if you encounter this problem, try unplugging your headphones and plugging them back in.

Many users have proven that this is workable.

Audio renderer error headphone check

Method 2. Restart your computer.

Many people do what they do when they encounter the “YouTube audio renderer error. Please restart your computer. ” And it works for some users. If this error no longer appears after restarting, then you do not need to try other methods.

Audio renderer error restart your computer

Method 3: Run the audio troubleshooter .

The built-in Windows sound troubleshooter can help fix some sound problems.

Steps as below:

left click on the Start menu and type control panel.

On the customization window, select control panel. Locate sound item.

Then find the sound item and you will see a gray Troubleshooting section. Click on Troubleshoot.

audio troubleshooting

Select the device related to the audio renderer error. click Next .

If a sound problem is found, the sound troubleshooter will fix it automatically. You can restart your computer and check if the problem is fixed.

Method 4. Restart your audio device.

Disabling and re-enabling the audio device will also help resolve the audio renderer error.

Search for Device Manager on windows run bar.

Find and expand Sound, video and game controllers. Right click on each audio adapter and select Disable device with right click.

Please wait a few seconds. Then right-click each audio adapter and select Enable Devices.

Method 5. Special fix for ASIO driver.

If the error only appears when Cubase is open, then the most likely problem is the difference between sample rates. To sync them, do the following:

Right-click the Speakers icon in the lower-right corner of your screen and select Sounds.

Go to Playback click on the desired audio device and then go to Decency .

In the Priorities, go to the ADVANCED tab, and under Default Format select your preferred sample rate.

Now open the ASIO driver settings and go to the Audio tab.

Under Sample Rate, set the same sample rate you selected in the Speakers Proprieties section in step 3.

Reboot your computer.

Above is the whole method of fixing YouTube audio rendering error.

In case this error occurs again, why not download a YouTube video for offline viewing? You will never see this error with uploaded videos.

Good way to avoid YouTube audio renderer error

Now that the YouTube audio renderer error occurs without waiting, what should we do to avoid it?

The best way is to download YouTube videos and watch offline.


AnyUTube is designed to download YouTube videos and convert YouTube videos to MP3. You can not only watch YouTube videos through the built-in browser, but also download videos directly. In addition, AnyUTube is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Android.

Simple yet powerful video downloader and converter

Now let’s get started!

Click any item on the home page to visit the YouTube site directly.

Watch the video and download whatever interests you by clicking the Download icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Select the quality you want and start downloading. Both video and audio formats are available for download.

Click the down arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen and you can check the download schedule. All downloaded videos and audios will be stored in the Library .

Tips: You can also search for videos by video name or paste the URL into the search bar.

enter a video title or paste the URL into the search bar and start searching.

Select your desired format and quality and start downloading.

Find downloaded videos in the Library .

The steps are easy, right?

AnyUTube is a powerful free YouTube video downloader. Its user-friendly interface and streamlined download process are well worth a try!


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