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Twitch TV is a very popular video streaming service that is broadcast by users from all over the world. Most often we are talking about “ activate” game streams, cooking, music or chatting with subscribers.

With this application, you get the opportunity to view video in real time and adjust the quality from 360p to Full HD. Samsung Smart TV supports the app like other popular systems.

The main thing that this service can give you in combination with good equipment is the ability to watch broadcasts of popular streamers without lags, long downloads and any errors. And not even all computers can cope with this.

What this software has serious problems with is chat. It is practically invisible, and it will not work to send a message. You cannot subscribe or leave a comment either; you will have to use a computer for this.

Twitch TV Activate

When logging into Twitch TV Activate, you need to enter a 6-digit code. This will open access to the ceiling games. No special equipment required. PS4 is used along with PS3. Before creating a stream, you need to install the camera and start the game. activate

6 digit activation code for ceiling games.


Ceiling games on Twitch from PS4

The application allows you to enter a game that was installed from the PlayStation. Thanks to Twitch, it can be streamed. First, you need to go to the PS store and find the Twitch application there, which should then be installed, for example, on a mobile device. After that, you can start it and log in under your name.

Only after installing the application on the computer and logging into the account, it will be possible to start the ceiling game. To do this, you just need to close “Twitch” and start playing, commenting on the steps. Broadcasting is possible after clicking on the “Share” button and choosing the desired broadcasting option. In the menu where the list of sites will appear, you should select Twitch.

After that, the transfer of the game is possible. It is necessary to select those elements that should be reflected in the camera, add sound, and also decide whether to display comments in the chat during the broadcast.

It is required to enter the name of the stream and select the transmission quality. All that remains is to start the broadcast, which will be available to all Twitch viewers.

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Ceiling Twitch games on Xbox One

Linking your account to Xbox One

The Xbox One system has the same effect when launching the Twitch app as when using a PS, with a few improvements. For example, the transfer of the game is possible immediately, without the need to use additional devices, that is, without a capture card. Launching is much easier than using PS. You just need to go to the store to download the application. Then you can find it in the tab with games.

How to find the stream key on Twitch

how to activate

We find the twitch key in the settings.

The Activate function is possible only after entering the stream key, which must be registered in the settings. Only in this case it will be possible to broadcast the image.

The step-by-step instructions are as follows:

  1. Open the control panel on Twitch by selecting the profile at the top right.
  2. When you go to the next page, select the channel located in the menu on the left.
  3. Click on the “Show” button. Now you can see the key.
  4. After a warning appears that you do not need to give your key to anyone, click on the “Got it” button.
  5. In the settings, register the key and start broadcasting.

Entering the code from the TV

First you need to link the devices: computer and TV. The passcode appears on the TV screen. It is required to add a device to your computer. Activate

To activate Twitch, you need to enter the broadcast code . It is possible to activate a prime service. It is supported in almost every country.

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