Fixed: WiFi Connected But No Internet | Causes & Solutions

What does Wifi connected but no internet mean?

In recent times, we need the internet in an essential way in our day to day. If we do not have an internet connection, we will be putting enough limitations to get the most out of our Smartphone or tablet. Working with a connection without internet, can cause us to think that we are browsing and we are actually paying for a service that does not work.

Normally having a limited connection, it is due to a bad placement of the router or that the server lines are saturated and therefore it stops working instantly and without warning the internet access.WiFi Connected But No Internet

The best thing to do is reboot your router and device and start over. Doing this procedure usually helps us solve connection problems.

Another alternative so that we stop having a connection without internet, would be to reset the network. This means that we will reinstall the system drivers and adapters. Once this is done, check the connection quality with a speed test.

If you see that it keeps crashing, then try contacting your company’s customer service to find a solution to this problem. Now first we discuss what causes this error and after that we will discuss all solutions in detail to solve your problem.

Causes of this Error & What Will You observe?

The first thing we should point out is that the WiFi network and the connection to the network are not married to each other, because certainly the link between the wireless network and your device may be generating well, but it is not necessarily receiving service in the modem provided by your operator.

There are also other reasons why you do not have internet with your WiFi, for example, that you have a hardware failure, this means that you may have problems with your router, with the wiring and it may also be that the equipment of your service operator have bugs.Causes of this Error

We detail below the types of failures that may occur, so that you know what to do in case it depends on you as a user:

Service failure with the operator: this type of incident is one of the most common and also represents a major problem for the user, because the solution is not in your hands, for this you will have to make a report of your service and wait for the solution by part of a third party. To verify that this is the problem, try browsing with different devices and with a computer directly connected to Ethernet.

Synchronization failures with the router: this error is also among the most common, because it is an inconvenience that occurs between the router and the browsing requests of the devices, which in some cases causes a breakdown and connectivity is completely annulled. This situation occurs especially with older computers.

WiFi zones out of service: these cases occur mainly in large places and offices, which distribute access points throughout the town and this causes problems with the WiFi signal repeater, causing you to not really have internet, even when it seems that you are connected to the network.

Your mobile is the culprit: sometimes you cannot navigate connected to the WiFi network and although you think it is an external problem, it may be that your terminal is infected with some type of malware or the WiFi antenna is failing due to a software problem. In these cases, the ideal would be to restart the mobile to see if the problem disappears.

Solutions to fix Wi-Fi connected no internet problem

Distance of WLAN router

This is a link to organize a local group in the same apartment or private house. The reach of the visual access point should not exceed 200 meters. And that’s just a theoretical indicator. In practice, the detection area is usually much smaller. Therefore, it is not enough just to connect to the access point to log in online.Wi-Fi connected no internet problem

To do this, the base station (WLAN router) must be connected to the Internet via cable or other connection. Therefore, the internet will not work when Wi-Fi is connected; first you have to check the settings of the router (the so-called access point).

Access point setting

In order to check if the router is configured correctly, you need to connect to it. Now enter the address of the router in the address bar in the browser. Typically, the address is However, depending on the model, it may differ (sometimes it may be

You can specify the address of a specific model in the device manual. In addition, the router itself usually has a data sticker. If there are no instructions and no stickers, you can always find the necessary data on the Internet.

As soon as you register the desired address in the browser, you must press “Enter”. A window will appear asking you to enter a username and password to log in. If nothing changes the security settings, it is admin or default admin.Access point settings - connected to wifi but no internet

Click OK “. We are now in the router management system. First, you should check the network settings; we are very interested in the WAN element. This is a global network.

Typically, ISPs provide network data automatically. Therefore, you must select Dynamic IP in the WAN connection type line in the Internet connection settings. This means that the router automatically receives all the necessary information.

If there is no Internet connection on the laptop in such settings, even if there is a connection to a WiFi network, you will have to enter the data manually. To do this, you need the agreement you made when you contacted the provider. It contains all the information you need for configuration.

If for some reason there is no such agreement, then you should contact the customer support centre. The operator number can be found on the provider’s official website.

What data we paying attention to solve Wifi connected but no internet are?

  • IP address
  • Subnet Mask
  • The main gateway (Default Gateway)
  • Primary DNS server (Primary DNS)
  • Secondary DNS server (Secondary DNS)

To enter data we need to change dynamic IP to static IP in WAN settings menu. After entering this information, you will need to restart the router and reconnect it.

It should be noted that restarting the router takes about 5-10 minutes (depending on the model). Therefore, you have to stay a bit.

Windows Troubleshooter

Another point that we recommend is to make use of the Windows troubleshooter. It is a feature built into Microsoft’s own operating system that can solve network problems. It is one more alternative that we can put into practice if we have problems of this type.connected to wifi but no internet

Executing Network Troubleshooting Commands

The next option is to troubleshoot network connectivity problems on your computer by running the network troubleshooting commands.

Right-click on the Start button > Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin).

In the Command Prompt window, enter the following commands (in the same order) and press the enter key after each of these commands.

netsh winsock reset

netsh int ip reset

ipconfig / release

ipconfig / renew

ipconfig / flushdns

ipconfig / registerdnswifi connected but no internet

wifi connected no internetAfter executing the above commands, type Exit and press Enter to close the Command Prompt window.

Then restart your computer and see if the error message ERR_CONNECTION_RESET is still present in the Chrome browser.

Restart router

If you are using a budget router such as D-Link, TP-Link, Netgear, Acorp, Zyxel, Asus, etc., you should be prepared that these can be damaged in the event of a power failure. This can be a simple power outage at home or a power outage. However, the router cannot connect to the Internet after turning it on.

It is quite possible that even without such interference; the router could lose its WAN connection due to overheating (which is very rare) or freeze for no reason. It goes without saying that this is a budget model that is no different in terms of high job stability.Restart router

Anyway, if there is a WiFi connection, the internet will not work and then restart the router. To do this, you need to open the router management system (you already know how to do this) and go to the System Tools menu and find the Restart item. In some cases, a restart can be done by simply disconnecting the device for at least 10 minutes.

Router sync problem

It can also happen that the router does not synchronize correctly with the network. Although modern devices are capable of handling many requests and staying on for weeks without any problems, sometimes there can be saturation and that causes loss of connectivity. It can happen mainly if we have an old router.Router sync problem

This means that it will not offer the Internet correctly to users. On the other hand, we could connect by Wi-Fi, although the problem of not having Internet access would appear.

Keep the system up to date

We must also keep the system properly updated. This mainly includes everything that has to do with the network. We are talking about updating the network card drivers, the router firmware, etc. Sometimes problems can arise if we have an old version. There may be a conflict when installing a new operating system update by having an outdated version of the network card drivers.update the network card

To correctly update the network card in Windows we have to go to Start, we enter Device Manager, we go to Network adapters and there we select the corresponding card. We have to click with the right mouse button and we click Update driver. This is something important that we must do periodically to make everything work properly.

Switch to an AC model router

If we really want a router that offers us good connectivity, we advise you choose the ones that support Wi-Fi AC (with the 802.11ac wireless communications standard), which began to hit the market in 2012 and offer great performance. AC model routerThey focus on the 5 GHz band to offer better coverage and speed and are capable of providing multiple communication channels simultaneously to supply different devices at the same time.

Install a WiFi booster

If your Wi-Fi signal is very weak you can always use this option as well. Amplifiers improve quality in places where coverage is very poor. Install a WiFi boosterThese detect the Wi-Fi network that we have working, copy its most important parameters such as the network identifier and the security protocols and create a new signal with the maximum power to expand the coverage. Its installation is as simple as plugging the device in the room where we have little signal.

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Server IP address could not be found

Slow connection

In that case, try placing the router in the center of the house. If that does not work, the problem may be with the router itself, so you would have to contact your operator to change it.

It can also be due to insufficient bandwidth. Yes, at that time, you are several people connected and using different devices (laptops, mobiles, televisions, etc …) it is likely that the Wi-Fi connection speed has been reduced by the number of connected devices. The only solution is to disconnect some of them that are not being used so that it goes faster.

We advise you to manually configure the network when you activate the Wi-Fi for the first time. Most users do not, which means that most use channels 1, 6, and 11 by default. Many newer routers automatically choose the least-used frequencies when they log in. However, and to be sure, we advise you to select the channel manually.

Prepare Windows to solve wifi connected but no internet

Why is there no internet, what to do when everything is fine with the router settings and restart does not help? This indicates that it is not the router but the computer itself. There are several reasons for this:

  • A firewall or antivirus blocks access to the World Wide Web.
  • DHCP does not assign IP addresses to routers.
  • You are trying to connect to a strange network whose owners are dissatisfied with guests.
  • Signal strength is weak.
  • Internet access is available, but the system tray icon still highlights restricted wireless access.Signal strength is weak

This often happens when the WiFi icon is listed in the system tray with limited access but internet connection is still available. In this case, just ignore it. Just use the link. Restricted access can also be caused by a weak signal due to the long distance from the access point. The solution to this problem is to bring the computer closer to the signal source or install a repeater.

Windows firewall or anti-virus program is blocking the signal

Another reason Wi-Fi doesn’t work on a computer is because of Windows security settings. Usually the built-in firewall only blocks access to the World Wide Web to protect sensitive data. The problem is solved as follows.

We just need to change the network type. The system offers three options:

  • At home
  • Work
  • Publicity

Windows firewall or anti-virus program is blocking the signalIn the first case, the system provides free file access and access to the global network, so the laptop WiFi is connected and the internet does not work. The fact is, groups can be protected by firewalls that only block global connections to keep data confidential.

To change the network type, you need to go to the Network Management Centre. This is done by right-clicking on the grid symbol in the system tray. From the menu that appears, select Network Control Centre. Then we look at our relationship and its nature.

If you have a work or social group installed, click on it and simply select “Home Network” in the window that appears and close all windows.

If that doesn’t help, the laptop is connected to WiFi, but has no internet connection, and then the firewall can be turned off. However, note that this is a built-in security system that protects the system from unauthorized access and malware. It is not recommended to turn it off. However if you decide to disable the service, this is done as follows.

Open Control Panel from the Start menu and then follow Windows System and Firewall. In the window that appears in the menu on the left, you need to open the item “Enable and disable the firewall”.

Here we see that the service can be disabled for home and workgroups and separately for social networks. Uncheck the first option and click OK. If you have now set the home group type, the firewall will not block Internet access.

DHCP router not assigning IP address

Usually, the router will automatically provide network information to connect the computer.

However, this service may not work stably with budget models. Therefore WLAN can be connected, but without internet access.

In this case you just need to enter the data manually. The problem was solved by simply restarting the router as described above.

Signal quality and strength

In a house there can be too many interference and obstacles (walls, windows, appliances, furniture, etc.) that can prevent the Wi-Fi signal from reaching all rooms with quality and power. Signal quality

Everything will depend on where we place the router. The further we place the router from the rooms to which we want to bring coverage, the lower the speed and quality of the connection.. That is why it is so important to place the router in a central point of the home.

IP conflict

Having an IP address conflict is one of the reasons why we cannot surf the net. This is one of the common problems that can sometimes affect our devices. As we know, an IP conflict means that two devices are assigned the same IP address to communicate. This causes one of those computers to be unable to access the network or even affect both.IP conflict no internet

Open Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center.

In the Connections section we will find the name of our adapter, and there we will select the option “Change adapter configuration”, and from here we will right-click on “Properties”.TCP/IPv4 Properties

Now we select “Internet Protocol version 4” and then click again on “Properties”. Next, we must activate the “Use the following IP address” box. All that remains is to write both the IP address and the Gateway. In the case of DNS servers, we can use some public ones such as Google’s ( and

Once we finish we accept and the changes will be saved.


We suggest you many solutions this guide. If your wifi is not working with all these steps kindly call your Internet provider and tell him about the limited connection problem. They will reach your destination and start troubleshoots your internet with their steps. Thankyou.

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