How to Fix “ERR_CACHE_MISS” Error in Google Chrome

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When trying to browse the Internet through Google Chrome you receive this error Confirm form resubmission or “ERR_CACHE_MISS” and you would like to know how to solve it. Well, let me tell you that you have reached the place indicated below we will explain the steps you must follow to repair this error quickly and easily.

What is The ERR_CACHE_MIS or Confirm Form Resubmission Error?

You receive this error along with the message “Confirm Form Resubmission” when trying to navigate through Google Chrome.

What does it mean?

This error is directly associated with browser cache problems, but don’t worry, its solution is very easy and fast.

How to Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS Error In Windows With Google Chrome

ERR_CACHE_MISS Error In Windows

Step 1 – Simply Open your Chrome browser and click on the top right corner on the 3 vertical dots.

Step 2 – Click on “More Tools”

Step 3 – Click on “Delete Browsing Data”

Step 4 – In “Clear Browsing Data” we must select “Time Interval” in “Since Always” and check the box that says “Files and Images Stored in Cache”.

Finally we will give “Delete Data”, do not worry, this will only do is delete data stored in the cache of your web browser that you have been visiting, you can delete it without problems.

Also, if you like, you can delete the cookies and even the browsing history, although it is not necessary since with the above you should have resulted in the ERR_CACHE_MISS error in Chrome.

How to Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS Error on Android With Google Chrome

ERR_CACHE_MISS Error on Android

To solve the ERR_CACHE_MISS error in Android devices, all we have to do is repeat the steps mentioned above but on our phone, which would be the following:

Step 1 – Open Chrome on Android and press the 3 vertical lines and then enter the right side menu in “Settings”.

Step 2 – In Advanced Configuration we enter “Privacy”.

Step 3 – Now directly click on “Clear Browsing Data”.

Step 4 – In “Time Interval” we select “Since Always” and we mark the box “Files and Images Stored in Cache” and we click “Delete Data”.

Fix ERR CACHE MISS Error In Chrome Forever

If all the above did not work for you, there is a way to remove the ERR_CACHE_MISS message permanently.

To do this, we must copy and paste the following URL into the Chrome address bar:

Chrome: // settings / resetProfileSettings? origin = userclick

Reset Chrome Settings

We will then give “Reset Configuration” it will do is restoring Chrome from the factory so that the ERR_CACHE_MISS will almost certainly be solved.

If you keep having problems with the ERR_CACHE_MISS you can always leave it written in comments and I will try to respond. Do not forget that I leave the social media buttons below so that you can share this content, favor please your support is very important.

More solutions to resubmitting a form

In case this is a situation that appears to you in an almost “pathological” way, we are going to recommend the following solutions at the browser level, not the particular website you are visiting.

  • The first solution would be to completely uninstall your browser and reinstall it. It is understood that this can be very troublesome and you could lose a lot of time, even important information from your bookmarks. That is why you should do this job well and backup everything you have to backup, including your bookmarks. There are many pages on Google and videos on YouTube where they clearly explain how to do this procedure optimally.


  • Another thing you can try is to restore your browser’s default settings. In this case, we will provide you with the steps to do it in the Chrome browser. Straight forwardly Open Chrome on your computer. At the top right, you need to click on more and go to Settings. In the lower area, click on Advanced settings. You go to the “Reset” section, and click on Reset. Click Reset again to confirm the action. It is good that you know that with these steps you will not be able to restore the configuration completely. For example, some options such as fonts or accessibility are not removed. In order for you to create a new user profile, a new user must be added in the Chrome browser.


  • You can also disable Chrome Extensions. You just have to go to   the Chrome menu, Tools and click on Extensions. From there you can disable all extensions by unchecking the corresponding boxes. It is best to restart the browser, even the PC, and reload Chrome to verify that the solution has given a positive result.


  • Another thing you can do is go into the Control Panel and start removing any program that looks like malware. Many times you could find software installed on your computer that you never downloaded or installed.
Confirm Form Resubmission Conclusion

So, to conclude all the on top of, the make sure kind Resubmission error as we have a tendency to aforementioned, is a lot of of AN enforced feature than it’s a bug. I’m positive on top of ways will certainly work for you.

If not for good, you won’t face it for a moment. you’ll ought to perform the on top of solutions, however a number of them are very easy that they won’t take abundant of your time.

So, to conclude all the on top of, the make sure kind Resubmission error as we have a tendency to aforementioned, is a lot of of AN enforced feature than it’s a bug. i’m positive on top of ways will certainly work for you.
If not for good, you won’t face it for a moment. you’ll ought to perform the on top of solutions, however a number of them are very easy that they won’t take abundant of your time.

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