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Windows 12 ISO Download and Install – Release Date & Upgrade

windows 12

Windows 12 finally be release in December 2023. However, the fixed date is not confirmed yet. The next Update of windows 10 will be the next final version of the operating system and after that windows 12 is ready to launch with its customized concept and features by Microsoft. Till now testing is going continuously on different dates to find windows 12 hidden bugs. Now the rumors also confirm that windows in 2022 is a massive change in operating systems’ history.

If there are no serious bugs in the latest tests and considering that the development of features was completed weeks ago, this version will be the RTM that will be delivered to manufacturers and the basis of the general availability version for the end customer that we expect in some weeks. We will keep on improving the overall experience in the next releases.

Windows 12 version 2023 (or 22H2 to describe the spring semi-annual release), will be an important version to confirm if Microsoft is definitely able to limit the bugs and offer the expected stability, once the latest version (Windows 12 1909) brought back the service pack concept and limited the introduction of new features. Windows 12 December 2022 launch with its Update is different and does offer a good number of news along with the latest security patches and bug fixes. We review them.

Windows 12

Windows 12 Release Date

Windows 12 launch date is set on  22 December, 2022. Get all updates on release of windows 12 on 22 December 2023.  

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Windows 12 System requirements : 

In order to download and install the new windows 12 in your pc/laptop, you have to fulfill the following requirements that given below :
1.    RAM  : 8GB for 32 bit, 8GB for 64 bit
2.    Hard disk space : 80 GB for 32 bit, 80 GB for 64 bit
3.    CPU : 3.0 GHz or faster processor or SoC
4.    Screen resolution : 800 x 600 to 1366 x 768
5.    Graphics  : Microsoft DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.5 or later driver.

Windows 12 Updates and Features

Windows 12 Updates


Windows 12 is continually updated with system updates including security updates, but it also includes feature updates. Until now we did not have much control over the latter, but this version will allow better management of both optional updates and those dedicated to drivers. The new controls will be available in the Configuration tool> Windows Update> View optional updates. In addition to the above, Microsoft will allow you to specify the maximum download speed of Windows Update as a percentage of the total bandwidth.

Reinstall from the cloud

The latest support option Known as “Cloud Download” to recover damaged PCs or restore systems to a fresh copy without the requirement for installation media or via local recovery images or partitions. It will complement the current “reset ” function of the PC and will be an interesting option in the event of a serious failure that leaves the equipment inaccessible and when we do not have other means to recover the equipment.

Improved security:

We expect enhanced security features in Windows 12, together with fingerprint recognition. Microsoft did a brilliant job of security, continuing to obstruct Windows with every major release.


Microsoft will release in Windows 12 December 2022 Update the Initial version of the Linux Subsystem for Windows with important improvements compared to the original, especially in performance. From an easy compatibility film, it will now suggest a full Linux kernel operating on a lightweight virtual machine and once installed it will be upgradable from Windows Update similar to other Windows components. In the short term, the user will be able to use his own custom kernel and will be able to connect Linux applications from Windows using local host and not only through remote IP addresses as has been the case before. Microsoft’s idea is obvious: Linux, sure, but with no leaving Windows.

Task Manager

One of the great internal management tools continues to expand and in Windows 12 December 2022 Update we will have a couple of interesting news. The most important will be monitoring the temperature of the graphics cards. Another change affects the storage units and in this version, they will be managed independently for each unit installed in the system. Every change has its big meaning.

Game bar

The importance of gaming to Windows dominance on the desktop is clear, as is Microsoft’s quest for near-total integration of its gaming, Xbox, and PC ecosystem. The Windows 12 game bar is a sample of this, it has been improving with each system update and it will show the frames per second (FPS) reached in a game as a novelty, without having to resort to third-party tools. You can see it in the floating bar of the performance section next to the consumption in% of CPU, GPU, and RAM memory.

Applications after reboots

Windows will catch up with other UNIX-like operating systems that can remember what applications were running before shutting down a computer and start them automatically on the next computer startup. Windows also has an auto-start feature, but it’s limited to apps that you manually add to that list. The new feature is different and will automatically restart applications on startup after activating it in the Settings tool> Accounts> Login options.

Virtual disks

The inbuilt virtual desktops were a new feature of Windows 12. Not because they have not used Windows in the past but because it was the first time that Microsoft endowing system this feature natively and included it by default as part of the system operation. However, until now – incomprehensibly – they couldn’t be renamed. Windows 12 June 2022 Update solves the issue and will allow putting custom names in the task view. They will also have the ability to preserve settings between reboots.


Microsoft continues in the task of making its digital assistant independent of the operating system once its minimal use has been verified and that it has been surpassed by others such as Alexa. Removed from the taskbar, now its behavior is closer to a chat application and its window allows resizing and moving around on your desktop. Microsoft has thrown in the towel with the old Cortana and it remains to be seen if the shift in focus to an assistant to help productivity works, everything points to being integrated into Microsoft 365 applications.

Windows Search

Microsoft has introduced a new algorithm that detects high disk activity and usage to improve the management of search indexing services, solving performance issues related to excessive disk and processor usage found in previous versions. Some features have also been added and now searches can correct spelling mistakes and quick searches are available to help find information online. The user interface has also improved.

Network tool

The Network Status page of the Settings app has been redesigned and offers more information. You can instantly see all active connections and access their Properties and data usage.

Versions of New Windows

There are 7 versions of windows 12:

Windows 12 Home

Windows 12 Ultimate

Windows 12 Pro

Windows 12 Education

Windows 12 Enterprise

Windows 12 Mobile

Windows 12 Mobile Enterprise

Windows 12 download

More New Features in Windows 12

  1. New features in DirectX 12, DirectX Raytracing tier 1.1, Mesh Shader, and Sampler Feedback.
  2. PIN authentication in Windows Hello can now be performed from the system’s secure mode.
  3. Connection of network cameras to a Windows 12 PC, allowing you to capture images and videos with the system camera application.
  4. Improved pairing experience with compatible Bluetooth devices from the same notification area.
  5. New user experience in tablet mode for two-in-one devices.
  6. Added more Japanese or kaomoji emoticons.
  7. In Settings Mouse cursor speed can now be added.
  8. From Microsoft, store notepad can be updated.
  9. Paint, Notepad, and WordPad can be uninstalled. (This is how it should be with all installed applications)
  10. Improvement of the Calculator app, now it can be docked to be on top of the other application windows.
  11. Login without passwords on computers with Microsoft accounts.
  12. Safe mode now allows you to authenticate with your Windows Hello PIN.
  13. Improved notification settings
  14. Changes to the account image in Windows. The updated image will now display quickly in Windows, applications, and many of Microsoft’s sites.
  15. Improved language settings, now better organized.
  16. Greater consistency in file explorer searches.
  17. Updates in the Feedback Center.
  18. Improvements in Windows Sandbox, inaccessibility through support for microphones and for configuration files that allows you to configure some aspects of the sandbox, such as vGPU, networks, and shared folders.
  19. Multiple improvements in accessibility.

Windows 12 – 2022 Update, installation

The version news is available on the windowliveupdates Website. Although it is intended to be the RTM version, it is still a trial version and should not be used in production environments. We have it installed and we have not had any failures, but complete stability is not guaranteed and it is free of errors on all computers. There are several ways to install it:

  1. Update an Insider version. If you are already testing an Insider version, it is as simple as updating through Windows Update to build 19041.207, which is the one at hand. It is available in both the “slow” and “fast” rings.
  2. Pass a regular version to Insider. Any version of Windows 12 can become an Insider with the option located in the tool «Settings> Update and security> Windows Insider program. Remember that it is a test program.

Windows 12 installation

Windows 12 Installation from scratch/upgrade:

  1. Access the Microsoft website for Insider. If you are not authenticated, log in to the icon at the upper right corner of the official page.
  2. The images are already unified in the “slow and fast” channels and are offered in standard versions, Enterprise, and those dedicated to China. Select the initial one “Windows 12 Insider Preview”.
  3. Select the English language and download the version you prefer, 32 or 64 bits.
  4. Once you have the image saved on your computer, you can use the “Rufus” application to “burn” the image. You already know that we have a predilection for Rufus, free and that it works perfectly. If you don’t have it, download the latest version “Rufus 3.4”.
  5. Insert the medium that we will use in the recording. You can use a DVD, but we recommend using a flash drive or USB disk, faster and safer. Its minimum capacity must be 8 Gigabytes or GB.
  6. Once the image is created, you will have the pen drive ready to install from scratch or update systems to this version Windows 12 June 2022 Update.

Installation in a virtual machine.

Try the new version of windows 12 without touching the already installed operating system. Follow the first steps in the previous section until you download the ISO image. With it and with your favorite virtualization application, you will be able to create the virtual machine and test the novelties.

As for the stable general availability version of Windows 12 June 2022 Update, it should be released in the coming year. The version will be free for computers with a valid Windows 12 license and will be rolled out gradually to limit errors, updating existing versions and maintaining applications, files and user data, and with the corresponding ISO images for fresh installations or updates in third teams.

Windows 12 FAQ

windows 12 faq

Windows 12 release date?

Microsoft will release Windows 12 on 22 December 2022, but not completely new Windows 12 for PC and mobile. Microsoft is going to release updates next year. Windows 12 release date confirmed.

When will Windows 12 come out?

Windows 12 will launch on 22nd December 2023. Windows 12 release comes with major changes ever in the windows olden times. Microsoft Windows 12 release is changing everything on OS.

When is Windows 12 coming out?

Microsoft launches Windows 12 on December 22nd, 2022. Here, it needs to mention that Microsoft is all set to launch Windows 12 on June 22, 2022, and everyone is waiting for that desperately.

When will Windows 12 be released?

Microsoft confirms window 12 Release date on 22nd December 2023. New Windows 12 on which Microsoft working with their development team. Testing is still going on. Hope you will get the official affirmation from Microsoft in a little while.

When is Windows 12 coming?

Windows 12 is set to release on 22 December 2023. Windows 12 release comes with bigger changes than ever in windows history. There are some huge changes that will happen with this new Windows 12 OS release.

New window OS

The next windows after windows 10 will absolutely be Windows 11 or windows 12. Now people are excitedly waiting for the new windows from Microsoft.

Is there a new Windows coming out?

Yes, new windows coming out this year. Microsoft still does not officially confirms any window 11 or 12 but many other websites are written about the new Windows 12 and 11. New Windows 12 on which Microsoft working with their new development team. Wish you will get the official confirmation from Microsoft soon.

Will there be a Windows 11, 12, or 10x?

Releasing Windows 12 or Windows 11 is still anonymous. Microsoft officially does not definite anything but we hope Windows 12 will come out soon and be accessible for windows 10, 7, 8, and other users as well. 2022 will be the most important for Microsoft to launch new windows after corona pandemic.


Let’s see what exactly is new in the next windows 12 update. Stay updated with us.

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