Fixed – Unable to Verify Server Identity error on iPhone & iPad

At the point when your iPhone prompts you for the “Unable to Verify Server Identity” or “server identity can’t be confirmed” error, it reveals to you that the mail server’s endorsement is phony. To put it plainly, this error happens because of your iPhone’s severe check of your mail server’s authentications. It is quite possibly the most well-known errors found on iOS gadgets when utilizing the Mail application. Peruse on to discover what makes this error on your iPhone and how fix it.

If your mail client reports these types of errors “unable to verify server identity” or “unable to verify server security certificate” or errors relating to the server security certificate, it is completely normal but it is necessary to take some precautions to make run your mail client.

What does the “Unable to Verify Server Identity” error message mean?

First a little introduction on how the mail server works-

The mail server as it is designed  does not  correctly  support SNI technology, already used for web servers, therefore it is not possible to use different SSL certificates for the same server; but you can only use a certificate, usually issued with the server principal name.

This means that if you access the mail server with a domain that is not among the authorized ones (CN, Common Name), it will return an “server identity verification error”. This can be bypassed by clicking on “Install certificate” or “Always accept certificate”.

However, many email clients, upon expiration (or variation) of the same, no longer allow you to accept the certificate, even if it is renewed.

The solution to be adopted in this case is to set a “unique” name for the incoming and outgoing mail server on all mail clients, set the hostname of the server not “” the hostname of the server you can find it in the activation email if you have any doubts or problems open a ticket to the technical department that will provide you with the correct hostname.

Methods to fix ‘Unable to verify server identity’ error on your iPhone

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#Method 1: Exit and restart the mail application

“Unable to verify server identity” could likewise happen among other irregular errors in the application with the Mail application. What’s more, frequently, errors like these are amended by restarting the application. On the off chance that you’ve as of late opened the Mail application on your gadget, close it first so you can restart it.Unable to Verify Server Identity error on iPhone

In case you are utilizing more established iPhone with an actual home button, leave the foundation applications by following these means:

  • Go to the screen begin to begin.
  • Then, at that point swipe up from the bottom of the screen and afterward stop marginally in the centre.
  • Swipe left or right to discover the Messages application.
  • Then, at that point swipe up on the Messages application card/see to close it.

In case you are utilizing an iPhone 8 or prior models, this is the way you clear the applications behind the scenes:

  • Press the Home button twice to see your most as of late utilized applications.
  • Then, at that point peruse the application reviews by swiping left or right.
  • Furthermore, to close the application, swipe up on your review.

In the wake of completing all foundation applications, have a go at beginning Mail again and check whether the error is no more. On the off chance that it rehashes, you should continue on to the following conceivable arrangement.

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#Method 2: delicate reset/restart iPhone.

Another conceivable answer for this “Unable to verify server identity” error is a gadget reset or a delicate reset. This is in all likelihood what you need if the error is caused by minor framework glitches. There are diverse approaches to delicate reset an iPhone.

can't Verify Server Identity error on iPhone

In case you are utilizing an iPhone X, XS, XS Max, or XR, follow these means to reset the product:

  • Press and hold the side button and any volume button until the force off slider shows up
  • Drag the slider to wind down your iPhone totally
  • Then, at that point following 30 seconds, press the side button again to walk out on

In case you are utilizing an iPhone 8, 8 plus or prior renditions, a delicate reset or reboot is performed this way:

  • Press and hold the top or side button until the Power off slider shows up.
  • Drag the slider to wind down the telephone totally.
  • After around 30 seconds, press and hold the top or side button again to walk out on.

Playing out the above advances won’t influence the data stored in the inward memory of the telephone, along these lines, it won’t be important to make reinforcement. After this, attempt to check whether the error “can’t verify the identity of the server” actually shows up.

#Method 3: Erase your email record and add it once more.

Many individuals who have experienced a similar error when utilizing Mail on their iOS gadget had the option to discover an answer by erasing the email account and adding it back. Assuming you need to check it out, here’s the way to do it:

  • Touch Settings from the home screen.
  • Touch Accounts and Passwords.
  • Explore to the Accounts area.
  • Then, at that point touch to choose the email account you need to erase.
  • Touch the Remove account button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then, at that point tap Delete from my iPhone to affirm that you need to erase the email account. They chose email will be erased.
  • Subsequent to erasing the email account, return to the Settings-> Accounts and Passwords menu.
  • Then, at that point tap on the Add account choice.
  • Select your email specialist organization.
  • Enter all the necessary data.

Erase your email record and add it once more

Then, at that point adhere to the onscreen directions to finish the whole email arrangement measure. In the event that you have set up different email accounts on your iPhone, you additionally need to erase and re-make them. In the event that the error “Server identity can’t be checked” still shows up after this, continue to the following arrangement.

#Method 4: Update iOS and transporter settings.

Updates can likewise be the way to correcting the “Unable to verify server identity” error in case it is brought about by iOS errors. Updates commonly consolidate fix patches to address existing gadget gives that are credited to framework errors. In the event that your iPhone has no web association issue, you can check and refresh iOS remotely. Simply ensure your gadget has adequate storage space and battery life to finish the entire cycle.Update iOS and transporter settings

To check the iOS update, go to the Settings-> General-> Software Update menu.

An update notice will be shown if another adaptation of iOS is accessible. Peruse and survey the update data, and afterward adhere to the onscreen directions each time you are prepared to start downloading and introducing the update.

Notwithstanding iOS refreshes, introducing transporter updates can likewise be considered among different arrangements, particularly if the error is ascribed to organize issues.

To check the update of the operator settings, explore to the menu Settings-> General-> about and afterward look to the Operator area.

Adhere to the onscreen directions to download and introduce the report on your iPhone.

Trust that your iPhone will complete the process of refreshing and whenever it is done; restart it to apply the new framework changes.

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#Method 5: Reset network settings.

This reset clears your new organization settings, including custom organizations, and afterward restores the default network settings and alternatives. On the off chance that the error “Unable to verify server identity” is ascribed to wrong or invalid organization settings, playing out this reset will presumably address it. This is the means by which you do it:Reset network settings

  • From the home screen, tap Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Look down and tap Reset.
  • Select the choice to reset network settings.
  • Whenever provoked, enter the secret key to proceed.
  • Then, at that point tap the alternative to affirm that you need to reset the organization settings on your telephone.

The telephone automatically restarts when the reset is finished. By then, at that point, you can begin arranging your Wi-Fi organization to reconnect to the Internet and utilize online administrations. When your gadget is associated, open the Mail application and check whether the error is no more.

#Method 6:  factory reset/ace reset.

The error “Unable to verify server identity” likely continues if complex framework errors are the fundamental reason. For this situation, your last choice would be an expert reset or factory reset on your iPhone. This will eradicate everything from your gadget, including deadly framework errors that might have caused clashes with your email server settings and prompted the difficult “server identity can’t be confirmed” error. Assuming you need to proceed, please reinforcement all your significant information to iCloud or iTunes so you can recuperate it later. When you’re good to go, follow these means to factory reset your iPhone through settings:

  • From the home screen, tap Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Look down and tap Reset.
  • Pick the alternative to delete all substance and settings.
  • Whenever provoked, enter your secret phrase to proceed.
  • Then, at that point tap on the alternative to affirm the hard framework reset on your iPhone.factory reset

After the reboot, you should arrange everything on your gadget very much as you did when you previously utilized your iPhone. Simply utilize the start-up wizard to set up your iPhone as new. When setting up your email account, make certain to enter the right email account qualifications. Whenever everything is set up and your gadget is on the web, check if the error is passed by dispatching the Mail application.

Do you continue to get the error “Unable to Verify Server Identity” on your iPhone?

The error might endure because of an issue with your email specialist organization. For instance, the email server might be having some specialized troubles and is at present under upkeep. For this situation, you can contact your specialist co-op to check the current status of the email server. You can likewise ask your specialist co-op/operator to assist you with verifying and reconfigure the SMTP settings or the approaching and active server on your gadget. Then again, you can report the issue to Apple Support so they can run some extra evaluations to decide whether the issue is identified with Apple’s servers.

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From the above steps your “Unable to verify server identity” Error will be solved easily. If your problem not solved please comment and let us know and you can also report the issue to Apple Support. Thankyou.


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