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Sim not provisioned error

In this article we will show how sim not provisioned error remove by different ways. Allows the phone to identify itself as yours on the mobile network (thanks to the IMEI number), so you can make calls and connect to mobile data.

This is explained later in our future guide on why phones need a card. If it happens at the other time, it’s going to mean a drag with the SIM card, which can got to get replaced.

When the error ” MM N ° 2 SIM not supplied ” appears, you can associate it with one of the following cases:

  • You bought a new phone with a new SIM
  • You are transferring contacts to a new card.
  • Your mobile network provider’s server is unavailable (if you are using an iPhone, Apple’s server must be online as well).

What does sim not provisioned mean

In a perfect world, new SIM cards would work out of the box, but for security reasons, there are times where sim 2 is not supported and a new card needs to be activated. Other error messages may appear, depending on your situation.

For example, if the SIM card is locked in a particular phone, when you insert it into a new device, you may see the message “Invalid SIM”.  Unlocking the SIM card will allow you to use it in any compatible phone.

Well, it should be clear by now what it means that the sim or non-supplied sim was not provisioned.

Sim not provisioned

5 Methods to correct the error ” MM N ° 2 SIM not supplied “

  1. Restart your phone

It may seem unlikely, but simply turning off your phone will overcome the non-supplied SIM glitch.

Follow the usual steps to restart the phone and wait. After a few moments, you will see that the error message no longer appears and that your SIM card is activated.

  1. Correctly insert the SIM card

If the problem is not with the activation of the SIM card or the network, then it could simply be a poorly adapted SIM card. This may be due to problems with the shape of the SIM or a poorly designed card slot (or caddy).

To check if the card is correctly inserted, turn off your phone and find the SIM card:

  • If you have an older or cheaper phone, you will probably find it by opening the back panel. You may need to remove the battery to access the SIM card bank.
  • With phones without removable batteries, the SIM card slot can be found on the side of the phone. This is usually a removable bank in which the SIM card is located. A small tool is usually provided with the phone to remove it. Find a small hole on the side of your phone and press the tool to remove the card.

Note: Make sure you find the SIM card and not any microSD storage card that can be inserted into your phone!

With the card removed (you may have to use tweezers or pull it out the other side if it’s a removable battery), give it a swipe and perhaps a quick dust with a lint-free cloth.

Then you need to replace the card, taking care to position it according to the included illustration. This could be a sticker next to the card slot, or a recorded image showing which way the card should go.

Replace the card in your phone and turn it on again. The error “SIM not provisioned”  no longer be displayed more. If so, then try the SIM on another phone.

Error “SIM not provisioned”  no longer be displayed more

  1. Activate your SIM card

In most cases, a SIM card should be activated automatically, usually within 24 hours of being inserted into a replacement phone.If this does not happen, there are usually three options available to enable the activation:

  1. Call an automated number
  2. Send an SMS
  3. Log in to the activation page on the operator’s website

All of these options are fast and easy to do, but depend on whether the carrier supports them. In most cases, your card must be activated and the error “SIM not provisioned” or ” SIM not provisioned “ is resolved.

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4. Contact your network provider

If the card won’t activate, it’s time to make a phone call (from another device, of course) to your provider or network. You should explain the error message and the steps you have followed so far.

As stated above, there may be a problem with the activation server, which would prevent your card from activating, causing the error message.

Usually your carrier will keep you online while they investigate the issue, and if it is a problem with the activation server, there may be some delay in activating the card. On the bright side, you will have a reason for the error and a possible resolution date.

5. Get a new SIM card

Still no solution? It is time to request a new SIM card. You can call your network for this, but you will probably find it faster to head to a local phone store.  Even better, a branch of your network or a franchise.

They will be able to run diagnostics on the card and hopefully resolve the “MM # 2 SIM not supplied” error. Don’t worry if they repeat some of the steps you have already tried, as this is part of the diagnostic process.

If it means you need a new card, this shouldn’t be a problem. The store will have the tools to manage the exchange and associate the new SIM with your account.

The error ” MM N ° 2 SIM not supplied “, Fixed!

Please note that this type of error will only affect mobile devices that use small SIM cards.  As long as the card is compatible and fits the slot (or any of the dual SIM phone slots), these fixes will work.

At this point, you need to understand why your phone displays the error message “MM # 2 SIM not supplied” or “Sim 2 not provisioned” or “sim not provisioned for voice”.

Remember, you have only some options to fix this Problem of error:

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Check that the card is properly seated
  3. Activate the card correctly
  4. Contact your provider for help
  5. Get a new card

If none of these things work, then you will need to contact your network provider to request a replacement card. Once you’ve sorted everything out, your SIM card should work without a hitch. It is worth taking the time to protect your phone and your contacts by encrypting the data on your SIM card.

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