Hyperx cloud 2 mic not working – Easy Fix Solutions

Hyperx cloud 2 mic not working windows 10

HyperX Cloud 2 is designed to deliver uncompromising comfort, crystal clear sound and immersive gaming for an unforgettable experience. In this series, Hyperx cloud 2 mic not working with virtual 7.1 surround sound delivers the ultimate in audio fidelity, comfort with replaceable leatherette and velor ear pads, and an advanced USB audio remote with embedded … Read more

Driver Power state failure Windows 10 (Blue screen) Resolved

Driver Power state failure

Driver power state Failure error in Windows 10 is a very common type of BSOD error. Windows 10 Blue Screen errors are notoriously scary for users. But, unlike other BSOD errors in Windows 10, this error is relatively easy to fix. REASONS OF CAUSING When your computer or any of the installed device drivers goes … Read more

Windows 11 Release date, concept & System requirements

window 11 release date

Now that a long time has passed since the release of Windows 10, users are waiting for Microsoft to show their cards on the release date of Windows 11.  There have been many gossips and anticipations regarding the concept of Microsoft Windows 11 that may have left you stumped on what to do with your new … Read more

IDP.generic: What is this virus and How to remove it?

what is IDP.Generic

When using a third party antivirus product like Avast or AVG, users may find that the antivirus finds the malicious file and names it as IDP.generic. This is the name given to spyware that can steal your data. Also, it can be a false positive. For example, Point Blank has a cheat that injects a game file to … Read more

Service Host SysMain : What is this service? Enable or Disable it?

service host SysMain

Service Host SysMain in Windows 10 Update 1809, Microsoft has chosen a new name for the SuperFetch service called SysMain. When we talk about “memory” in a computer, we are generally referring to the physical RAM that we have connected. Microsoft operating systems have additional features and capabilities such as paging file virtual memory or … Read more

Service Host Superfetch – What it is? How to Disable it?

service host superfetch

Service Host Superfetch states that the service “maintains and improves system performance over time”. However, the mechanism of the service is not disclosed in detail. The windows that originate Superfetch is Windows Vista. The service constantly runs in the background, analyzes memory processing patterns, and learns which applications are used the most. Over time, SuperFetch … Read more